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The Sun

by Jamie Iwata

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The sun is setting on the mountains And the leaves are falling on the gardens It's a sign of what's come back All the books go in the pack I'll get on that bus And share all my trust And this year will be one To write down in notes Oh the sun is setting down My girl is waiting down in the hall She's got looks and style that can enthrall She can make me laugh all day Put her kindness on display
One nite together We kissed outside even when it got cold And it wasn't planned for that time The wind was freezging We pressed our bodies close to keep us warm Until we both became a rhyme When I first met you I fought off the league of evil exes And I prevailed with my guitar We told the tale of Scott and Ramona In the band I will write of Scott and Ramona When we wrote letters We could get lost in how much we would write It could fill a whole novel I would sing to you And we would shoot down all those evil thoughts And move onto the next level
A call in the nite, it was all a blur She wanted him to try and save her Tried his best to make things occur To not transfer She locked him up in a tower room Outside the walls will lead to his doom Temptation he will not consume To keep their bloom Maybe we should stop Before our minds do drop When we took our vows Did we think about now His points of view, they were broken Maybe he should leave the door open Spread him out like in the ocean Keeping motion
All those times we had when were high Fell into a black hole in space When we tried to find our own planet That is when we took a fall from grace When we didn't try to fall in love That's when all the stars would align Then those meteors we made ourselves Came in to destroy our own shrine The sun is falling down tonight Hiding in the clouds The sun is falling down tonight Will we see it rise again I'm from planet Mars you're from Neptune Storms ran through your brain and heat through mine When we tried to look for our own selves We just couldn't keep on the line
Interlude 01:36
Got dressed To go out on a quest And I was heading west To find myself I gazed As violets would be raised But soon they'd become fazed Put on the shelf Dreams wake up Follow the river down To come across that lake But now I've hit my brakes And I have stopped All of these walls around Have left me in my tracks Now I must find a crack Those who I met as I went through I came to join their crew To break through storms Then they Were walking See 'n Says I had to go my way To some place warm I found it The water was dry It's big and empty When can I reach out
We would form a circle and lay around the ground When we talked of gossip we were laughing like a hound Something came upon me and crashed into my heart Found it like a feeling, said that we would split apart Was I part of their gang or did I try to be I could play on the strings, but I couldn't climb a tree As they kept on playing the same old magic trick I could see right through it, that it's just a little stick If the sun is rising I can't follow it Because if I get too close It will float away Now I was all alone Playing my guitar Everyone would stare back Like I'm sitting very far Not a word was spoken I couldn't even crow I know I don't have the looks Like Leo DiCaprio
I Must Stop 01:37
It's time for change to come I must stop while I'm numb I've ran far Without breath I must stop To halt death When I thought I was in love I could live on Now that I'm completely void I must save myself I must breath in the air I must stop and see the glare
I see the sun’s out And my mind is clear Time to reprogram For my next sphere I had to suffer To get where I am Through of how this year Broke down my dam My fears washed on me Had to break my shield The sun shines down on me As I walk this field Through all the nonsense Of playing the game I had to ask the question What is my name I kept on looking To see myself in the mirror Gazed at my own self Now it seems so clear My dreams I got to chase them while I can Move on I got to move on from this land Heading to the sea Nothing behind me As I walk down here Where the view is blind I’ll keep on searching Wonder what I’ll find Now the sun is shining And the grass is growing Everybody’s coming out to play It’s part of a cycle We put on our titles As we come out to enjoy this day I have been though so much Feels like I need a crutch I've swapped faces with someone Seems like it can't be undone All my life It comes clear When I take a break here and rest my tired feet I can think of all the feelings that I will meet When I'm done in this chair I'll take a walk outside Straight into the sunlight and take another stride


released June 17, 2016

Music and Lyrics by Jamie Iwata

Produced by Jamie Iwata and Bobby Ray

Recorded by Evan Shely and Bobby Ray at the Shely Barn and
SuperTonic Studios

Mixed by Evan Shely

Jamie Iwata: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Zach Holden: Electric Guitar
Evan Shely: Bass
Connor Johnson: Drums


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Jamie Iwata Portland, Oregon

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